"mickey i am fed up wit your bullshit devil magic"

me: should i make a sarcastic comment or not
I read that last anon as "Era-photopack", and was suddenly curious as to if you'd ever want to do period dress photopacks of some kind.

Man if only I could afford those types of outfits!

My whole bed smells like him and I just feel dreamy

You said earlier you have no intent to make an ero-photopack, but what if someone commissioned pictures of you using a vibrator or something like that?

Still nah.
It’d have to be a lot of money, and they’d have to buy me the vibe of my choosing


surprise your friends at rock paper scissors by throwing a punch instead

spazzeon said: I will need this liveblogged. *totally living through my friends’ exciting lives*

No guarantees that my hands will be free


So mad your hair doesn’t even make sense.

Gonna go super saiyan